Friday, August 31, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, Nevada
After their reception Sandy and Albert wanted to take some photos on the Vegas Strip.

We started at the famous welcome sign that's a prerequisite photo for any visitor to Sin City.

Then we drove to Caesar's Palace. Sandy gets the Luckiest Bride Award - and not just because she married Albert, who shares her sense of fun. For kicks, she played a few quarters on the slots and won on her first spin! Not only that, but she promised us (Albert, their friend Lester, my assistant (and husband) Michael and me) that she'd split the winnings, so we all won thanks to her luck!

Albert proposed to Sandy by the fountains at Caesar's Palace so we walked around the columns taking photos.

The newlyweds struck gold again at the Bellagio Hotel. Albert had just finished telling me that they never manage to catch the fountain show. Sure enough, the show had ended just before we walked up to Bellagio. We took a few photos and a minute later another show started, and Sandy and Albert danced in front of the fountains!

We called it a night! Thank you Sandy and Albert for a fun time! And a BIG thanks to their friend Lester who kindly drove us to each of our locations.

Here's Lester, Sandy and Albert giving me their best cover model poses.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Congratulations Sandy & Albert!

Las Vegas, Nevada
Chicagoans Sandy and Albert planned a destination wedding in Las Vegas. Their reception was at Maggiano's located in the center of the Strip.

Each table was sprinkled with confetti words such as joy, forever, and of course, Sandy & Albert. Matching blue and cream lollipops served as cute centerpieces that guests could take home.

Cheetos appetizer anyone?

Say cheese!

This kid was adorable. I saw him pick up the lemon and I had a feeling it would be a good moment.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Bloomingdale, Illinois
Here's some more photos from Santy and Ernesto's wedding. Their ceremony was at St. Isidore Chapel in Bloomingdale.

St. Isidore's, like some other churches, requests that no flash is used during the ceremony. All of these photos were shot using available light only.

Some Catholic ceremonies include the lighting of the unity candle, which signifies the joining of two families.

Everyone is invited to recite the Lord's Prayer.

Father Felipe consecrates the bread and wine for Communion.

Santy and Ernesto included some traditional Mexican wedding customs like the lazo. A lazo, usually a white ribbon or rosary, is wrapped around the couple to show that they are bound together for life.

The sign of peace is part of every Roman Catholic mass and is expressed by a handshake, hug or kiss and the words "Peace be with you."

The priest and Eucharistic minister offer bread and wine.

The Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary consists of an offering of flowers to the mother of Jesus followed by prayer.

Father Felipe pronounces Ernesto and Santy as husband and wife.

The happy couple floats down the aisle!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Congratulations Santy & Ernesto!

Bloomingdale, Illinois
I flew back to Chicago for Santy and Ernesto's wedding. This was my first time meeting both of them, although I had spoken with Santy on the phone quite a few times so I felt like I already knew her. She managed to impress me anyway. I would officially like to present Santy with The Most Patient Bride Award. It was a very busy day to say the least.

I meet Santy and her bridal party at a hotel lobby. When her sister goes to check-in, the room isn't ready. It won't be ready until the start of the ceremony!

Plan B goes into effect. While waiting for the room to hopefully be ready early, all of the bridesmaids, aka Santy's sisters, sisters-in-law, daughter and niece, and her mother-in-law go the lobby restroom to change into their beautiful dresses. Santy helps them get ready with all of the finishing touches. Not once does the bride break a sweat. She tells me she knew something was going to go wrong and shrugs it off.

Finally the room is ready and we all hustle upstairs. Santy's bridesmaids help her into the dress and we take a few more photos.

After the ceremony we take some photos in Cantigny Park in Wheaton. I love this one of the bride and groom. It looks like a vintage photo.

We take some more photos by this rustic gazebo. Santy and Ernesto are naturals!

This was the last photo of the day. Congratulations again!!!!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sarah & David

La Jolla, California
Here's some more photos from Sarah and David's beautiful wedding at La Jolla Woman's Club.

The Groom and the Groomsmen

The Bride

The Ceremony

The Homage to 70s Wedding Photos

The Happy Couple

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Speaking of Castles...

I recently had the privilege of touring the Rubel Castle in Glendora. The Castle is a cross between Hearst Castle and House on the Rock, with a dash of Watts Towers. The Castle was built over a twenty-year period by Michael Clarke Rubel who constructed the towers from river rock, bottles, concrete, salvaged wood, metal, and "junk" he collected.

The main house is more like a museum and is often used for filming. Among the eclectic design elements is a steamer trunk belonging to Sally Rand. It's not too unusual as the silent screen actress and fan dancer often attended parties here hosted by Michael Rubel's mother Dorothy.

The grounds house a few antique cars...

And a Santa Fe Railroad caboose...

Thank you to the Los Angeles Conservancy and the Glendora Historical Society for the tour.

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Mi Casa es Su Casa

The Mission Inn in Riverside is holding an open house this Sunday Aug. 5. I took these photos at their last open house. It's a pretty cool place to explore.

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa began as a 12-room boarding house in 1876. It's reminiscent of European castles, with its many courtyards and magnificent spiraling staircases, turrets and towers, fountains and fine art.

This is St. Cecilia Chapel, which is the smallest of the chapels accommodating 15 people.

The main chapel is St. Francis of Assisi (aren't these doors beautiful?) which has a gold leaf Rayas Altar and Tiffany designed stained glass windows.

The Inn also has a Buddhist temple and many reception rooms such as this one.

I loved looking at all the details.

There will also be food and cake samples if you need another reason to go! I'm offering a free engagement portait session and an 11 X 14 print to the next couple that books me for a full day wedding package at the Mission Inn.

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