Saturday, July 21, 2007

City Slickers 7-7-7
Polka Photos goes to Wyoming

Howdy y'all! I'm back from a short vacation in southeastern Wyoming. My husband Michael & I met up with my Mama & sister Alicja in Denver and drove to Brush Creek Ranch near Saratoga. It rained on the way, which was fun for us LA residents as it rarely rains here.

We got to the ranch late but the cook had dinner waiting for us (a yummy Cornish hen with glazed sweet potatoes and chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting!!!) I should've taken more photos of the food but I was too busy eating - it was all so delicious! We finished off the night at the local hot springs. We slept very well in our quiet log cabin. Quite a change of pace from bustling city life.

We were up early the next morning for our first ride.

We met all the ranch dogs, including a new stray named Dog who was skilled at herding horses.

All of us were well matched to our horses. My horse was Wally and he was such a good boy. I've ridden a few times before and I either got the slowpoke horse or the ornery one that doesn't listen.

Wally's ears would swivel and perk up every time I clicked my camera. Wally indulged me when I stopped a few times to take a photo and when I asked him to hustle he would quickly trot to catch up. Taking photos while riding was a bit of a challenge. I shot in manual mode so I guessed the aperture and shutter speed and tried to bracket. I also took some photos without looking in the viewfinder so the results were a bit unpredictable.

My sister's horse Stomper was laid back and in no hurry, ever. He greeted us with sleepy eyes in the morning. I guess neither he nor my sister are morning people.

Michael's horse was a beautiful black horse named Afrika. On the first ride out he got a cell phone call --- Michael may have grown up in Wyoming, but he is so LA now! I mean, who takes a cell phone on a horseback ride in the middle of Wyoming??? Not surprisingly, he was nicknamed Billy Crystal by the staff.

Although all the horses were well-behaved, they did like to stop and eat the roses, or thistles, or whatever this plant is called.

Friday night we all went to a barn dance. We joined in some country line dancing with the guests and staff and later danced some cha-cha to country swing music.

Saturday was 7-7-7 and we convinced my mom to go riding with us.

We made shirts with our cowboy names --- Righty, Tidy, Lefty, and Lucy.

Sunday we went on one last ride. And then it was time to say goodbye.

Thank you to Kinta, Kayla, Billie, Karine, Karlene, Saskia, Kristo, Thomas and to everyone at Brush Creek Ranch who made our stay wonderful! We really do feel like part of your family and plan on coming back soon!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cool Photos

One of my wedding photos is on the Wedding Photography Project website! I entered a photo from Katie & Jon's wedding in the "Cool Photo" Contest. It didn't win, but I feel honored to be among these great photographers. If you have a chance, check out the inspiring photos on here and read about how the photographers made the pictures. Thanks Cory Parris for the awesome website and for publishing my photo!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Congratulations Sarah & David!

La Jolla, California
What a beautiful couple - both inside and out. Sarah and David were all smiles during their wedding at La Jolla Woman's Club. I'm still in the editing and toning process, but here's one photo that caught my eye.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July

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Congratulations Katie & Jon!

Chicago, Illinois
I went back home to Chicago for Katie & Jon's wedding at the Crystal Gardens in Navy Pier. The Crystal Gardens is a huge atrium full of palm trees.

Here's Katie - she had a vintage, 1930's style about her, and look at the gorgeous curls!

Katie's bouquet had charms including a locket with photos of her grandparents who had passed away.

We walked around Wacker Drive for some photos.

I loved a lot of the photos in black and white - they reminded me of Doisneau's post-war Paris.

After the ceremony Katie & Jon walked to the boat for their reception as Navy Pier visitors cheered.

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