Monday, September 17, 2007

Sandy Paws...

On our drive back from the Bay we met Kim and Ryan for lunch at Cilantro's (yummy!) and a beach engagement portrait session. Their beautiful Pit mix Gixer joined us.

Gixer was the perfect canine model. Kim and Ryan have been taking him to obedience classes and he was very well-behaved...

although a bit distracted...

but he still sat patiently...

probably wondering what his parents were doing...

instead of running with him on the beach.

Thank you guys for a great lunch and a fun shoot! We'll see you in Yosemite!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Left My Heart In...

San Francisco! Michael and I drove up to Frisco for an engagement portrait session with Phuong and Joe, which was more like a tour of the top ten things to see in San Fran. We had so much fun spending a whole afternoon with them and can't wait for their wedding in October. Here are some of the highlights:

We started out at the Legion of Honor with its gorgeous columns.

The Legion of Honor sits on top of a hill with views of the city, the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge.

From there we drove to Golden Gate Park, where many scenes from the movie The Wedding Planner were shot.

I had fun playing with the rays of sun peering through the trees.

We passed on the Japanese Tea Garden - too busy - but stopped in front of a set of huge wooden doors to get these shots.

Next stop was the Palace of Fine Arts with even taller columns than the Legion. The light was beautiful.

We took advantage of the last minutes before sunset with a portrait on Baker Beach with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Then we took some less serious photos.

And we ended the day on a romantic note on the other side of the bridge.

Phuong left her heart in San Francisco, too. Not sure exactly how my camera captured it, but this "heart" was made by the sunset reflecting on my lens - no effects were added in Photoshop.

Thank you Joe for driving and Phuong for navigating down the one-ways and closed streets. We had a blast with you guys!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Curiously Sinful

Las Vegas may be Sin City, but the new chocolate covered Altoids are Sin Mints. My sister gave me my first tin of peppermint Altoids dipped in pure dark chocolate and I ate the entire tin on a four-hour flight with no meal service.

Also available in ginger and sin-namon. Curiously chocolate indeed.

P.S. Even though their chocolate inspired me to take this photo, I don't work for Altoids. You think if I did they'd pay me in mints?


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