Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Charlotte

Chicago, Illinois
I met Charlotte on a hot Chicago day. Here she is chillin' on the couch.

Los Angeles baby portrait photographer

This baby likes to fly.

She loves her mom...

and she loves her dad.

And she loves playing with her doggies Ricky and Lucy.

What doesn't Charlotte love? The grass. I think it may have been too scratchy so we only took a few photos on the grass, then took the rest either on her blanket or indoors.

Charlotte has the best expressions. She's just a baby but she looks so grown-up in some of the photos. This is my favorite photo of her.

Then again I love this one, too.

Isn't she a cutie pie?

Thank you for a super fun portrait session! Charlotte is a darling!

Los Angeles family portrait photographer

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Wishes Do Come True!

Chicago, Illinois
I thought I'd catch up on posting family and baby portrait sessions from this fall.

This is Ava. And yes, she is that cute.

Los Angeles baby portrait photographer

I met Ava's parents, Sandy and Albert, when I photographed their Vegas wedding. I also met Ava's grandma, who wrote a special wish for the couple.

Los Angeles wedding photographer

Well her dream came true, and Grandma loves her new grandbaby.

The photo session was very relaxed and we talked about life and photography and even movies. This photo was unposed and I love the casual aspect of it. When I look back on my favorite photos from childhood there's one of my grandfather and me in his backyard. As a photographer I want to create photos of real memories, not just poses.

Grandma calls Ava a perfect angel, and I'm inclined to believe her. Ava is the perfect model.

I met the family in the Grandparent's home. It was a special treat to photograph Ava with her Great-Grandparents as well.

Great Grandma holds happy Baby Ava.

Then we went in the backyard for some more photos. I treated this photo with a vintage 70's look.

Isn't she adorable?

I love all of her funny faces.

Here's the happy family.

Ava loves her doggie!

She's starting to get sleepy....

Daddy and baby...

Time for good night!

Thank you Sandy and Albert, and Grandma and Grandpa, and Great Grandparents, and of course Ava! It was so much fun to meet your little bundle of joy!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Portrait of Big Ben

Chicago, Illinois
Meet Ben. He just turned two. What a perfect day to take some portraits!

Ben is such a cutie! He's super inquisitive. It's so much fun to watch him see everything and take the world in one piece at a time. And he has the best faces! Here's an homage to the Brady Bunch. It would make a great gallery wrap.

I love dramatic panoramic horizontals or verticals as gallery wraps or as a 2-page spread in a photo album. And I love Ben in these panoramics.

Ben was super serious for most of the session. His mom got him to smile for this photo.

It's time for me to say goodbye. Don't cry Ben!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Portraits

Chicago, Illinois
The best thing about going back to Chicago is seeing my family and friends. I hung out with my super cute cousins Natalie and Sara, and their dog Lucy. I couldn't resist taking some photos while we were playing.

Natalie is the ham...

but Sara can be just as silly.

Lucy is camera shy, but posed for a few photos anyway.

Thank you for a fun time! And thank you to my cousin Ania and Aunt Basia for dinner!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

My Kind of Town

Chicago, Illinois
Here are some of my favorite photos from the Chicago trash the dress sessions last month. Meet the lovely brides: Kirsten, Celeste, Jenni, Katie and Jackie.

I love the early morning light and Jackie's cool shades.

Jenni is The Rocker Bride.

How cool is she?

Not only is Jenni gorgeous, but she has a kick-ass voice. Check out her band One Night Stand on My Space and try to catch one of their shows. Their cover of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game is awesome!

I had so much fun with all of the brides and tried to really capture their essence on camera. Katie is a teacher so the alphabet graffiti was picture-perfect.

Katie is a natural beauty. I love the bare feet in this photo.

Jackie is Hollywood glamour, especially with the shades.

This is my favorite photo of Jackie. The light and shadows are reminiscent of film noir.

Kirsten's strapless wedding gown shows off her gorgeous tattoos.

When we saw this ladder Kirsten rushed over to climb it.

Celeste has a dreamy quality about her.

She reminds me of times past, as if I had seen her in a painting from centuries ago...

or was it Paris in the 20's?

We walk down Michigan Ave. to Agora, an outdoor art installation by Polish sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz. Kirsten and her husband saw this forest of giant legs as they were driving by to meet me and thought it would be fun. I agree!

Isn't this shot haunting? I watch too many horror films, especially bad ones. There's so many good B-movie titles for this shot: Vampire Bride's Revenge or maybe The Third Bride. Cue the scream.

There are so many different ways to photograph these legs.

It is called the Windy City!

Time to go!

Thank you to all the wonderful brides and to my awesome sister Alicja who assisted on the shoots. I had so much fun!!!

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