Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rockin' Reception

Avila Beach, California
Melissa and Ryan's reception was held in a big tent at Avila Beach Resort. One of their unique wedding touches was this signature life ring instead of the traditional guest book.

Avila Beach Resort wedding

The newlyweds dance the first song as all their guests look on.

Ryan knows to make Melissa laugh.

Ryan's mom looks so proud of her son.

Melissa gets a little teary-eyed dancing with her dad...

... and so does her mom.

Then everyone joins in the celebration.

Night falls...

... and the party has just begun. Melissa's grandpa jives with his granddaughter.

All the bridesmaids boogie down with the bride.

Then it's time for the bouquet toss.

Melissa congratulates the winner.

Ryan is up next as he removes his new bride's garter...

then winds up to toss it to the men...

... who are all looking in the wrong direction.

Ryan and his groomsmen close the night with some cigars.

The last dance, last chance for romance.

The night is over, but Melissa and Ryan's married life has just begun.

Congratulations!!! Thank you for a lovely time!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beautiful Day on the Fairway

Avila Beach, California
Melissa and Ryan had their wedding ceremony and reception at Avila Beach Golf Resort.

The bride pauses with her dad before walking down the aisle.

Avila Beach Resort wedding

The mountains make for a majestic backdrop.

Melissa looks so serious in this photo.



More kiss...

The newlyweds!

I love this moment - Melissa & Ryan both look so happy.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bride Getting Ready

Avila Beach, California
Melissa decides on an updo for her wedding day.

The bride wrapped this rosary around her bouquet.

The groom's mom stitched Melissa's initials and wedding date on the bridal gown in blue thread.

Melissa's dress is gorgeous! I love all the buttons.

Finishing touches...

Melissa is ready! And simply beautiful might I add.

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Groom Getting Ready

Avila Beach, California
Ryan's mom adjusts his tie. He's ready for the big day.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Me, Myself & I

Avila Beach, California
Last week we went to Avila Beach to photograph Melissa and Ryan's beautiful wedding. Michael shot this photo of me while I was taking groomsmen portraits. Actually I think I was asking them to give me their best GQ pose. I'll be posting those photos soon!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Day After Portrait Session

Yosemite, California
Kim knew she wanted some photos in Yosemite National Park, but there was no time between the ceremony and reception. She thought about taking photos before hand, but was concerned about getting her dress dirty. The Day After portrait session was the perfect solution!

The pears were an accent throughout the wedding - so we brought them along.

Kim wanted some photos of their rings, so I thought we could try a few different angles.

This is my favorite ring shot - I especially love the left side of the veil that caught the wind just right. The rings represent their marriage and the pears symbolize the newlywed's last name.

One of the reasons I love these sessions is that no one is rushed. This gives me the chance to try new things. I really loved the light in the park and used available light in a few different ways.

We made our way to the Chapel for more photos.

I wanted to this photo to look like an old daguerreotype so I used a new lens for this effect and then toned the image in sepia. Kim's veil really gives the photo a vintage feel. That and their pose. If you look at the photo above this it almost doesn't look like the same couple!

I love getting muddy if it means photos like these!

I couldn't resist this shot - Anyone know where the inspiration came from?

Many thanks to Kim and Ryan! Michael and I had an awesome time at your wedding and we loved the photo time with you afterwards. Special thanks to Ryan for this shoot. Kim told me he doesn't like posing for photos - but he sure is a natural isn't he?

And they lived Happily Ever After!

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S'More Yosemite Photos

Yosemite, California
You may have noticed a lot of pears in Kim and Ryan's wedding. The couple does make a great pair, but the fruit is actually a reference to their last name. (I won't divulge the name for privacy reasons, which is why I only use first names in the blog.)

Kim and Ryan started out with their romantic first dance.

I loved their reactions to the toasts.

Kim tears up at her dad's toast...

... and later both of them burst out laughing.

The newlyweds incorporated the tradition of the German Wedding Cup. If neither spill a drop, they will have a marriage full of love, faithfulness and good luck.

There is a second part to this tradition. Whoever finishes the drink first is declared the ruler of the nest. Guess who won?

Now it was time for more dancing.

I don't think Kim ever left the dance floor.

I love the chicken dance!

It's time for some serious fun when the shoes come off!

It's getting dark. The bride and groom have a special treat for their guests....


Kim and Ryan sneak away from the fire to enjoy a few more dances.

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