Friday, October 31, 2008

Guitar Hero

Las Vegas, Nevada
Meet Jayme and Joe. Jayme wanted a wreck the dress session incorporating Joe's guitar. She also wanted her photos to look dark and mysterious. We decided to go to an old cemetery for the shoot.

I toned some of the photos to look like prints made from film. I even burned the corners here just like I used to do in the darkroom.

I'm not sure which photo looks creepier.

I think this one is probably the creepiest bridal photo.

It was pretty hard to get Jayme looking like an extra from a horror movie. First of all, she's super cute. And when I asked her to be serious, she burst out laughing.

The perfect place for a fall serenade. And look at that light! The sun works its magic.

Joe's guitar case is shaped like a coffin. It's even lined in red velvet!

What's Jayme doing with that guitar?

Don't let her smile fool you!

And down he goes!


And now they kiss & make-up!

Thank you guys for a super fun time! We'll definitely let you know next time we're in town!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trash the Bridesmaid...

Playa del Rey, California
I love The Day After portrait sessions as a chance to capture some unique, even crazy photos. These are usually reserved for brides or newlyweds. But what about the bridesmaids? Here's one bridesmaid happy to trash her dress. This is my sister Alicja, who's been a bridesmaid more than once. She recently visited me in California and we decided to wreck her dress on the beach!

My focus when shooting a wedding is to document the event and stay in the background as much as possible. With these sessions, the brides, grooms and bridesmaids get to be models for the day.

We were losing sunlight but we had a lot of wind as Alicja danced with her wrap.

I love how the colors of the sunset complement her lavender dress.

Another reason I love these sessions is because they give me a chance to experiment and try new techniques. Some photos are more stylized, others are more classic.

Alicja braved the waves for more photos. She reminds me of a young Sophia Loren and I wanted to give some of the photos a nostalgic, vintage feel.

One of the only photo requests Alicja had was to make a cape out of her wrap. Here she is - SuperWoman!

I love this photo!!!

Michael assisted and also captured this image.

And here's the lovely assistant himself...

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walk Like an Egyptian

San Jose, California
We met the lovely Dianne and Dominik for The Day After portrait session at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. I fell in love with the museum last year, and was happy to photograph here again.

We started at the house by the pond in the peace garden.

Dianne is simply gorgeous. I couldn't help but think of Cleopatra as we walked around the grounds which were adorned with Egyptian symbols like the ankh below.

All of the windows and doorways made for endless photo possibilities.

I can't decide which doorway photo I like the best.

I shot this one facing the sun which made an unusual lens flare.

Dominik has a strong, handsome profile.

I love this moment!

Leaving the garden...

Dianne's only photo request was that we take photos in the water. San Jose is far from the ocean, so we went to this fountain instead.

Dominik on the other hand, had absolutely no desire to go in the water.

But he ended up surprising his wife and going in anyway.

And we ended up with my favorite photo from the day.

It Is Her Love that Gives Me Strength

My sister's love is on the far side.
The river is between our bodies;
The waters are mighty at flood-time,
A crocodile waits in the shallows.
I enter the water and brave the waves,
My heart is strong on the deep;
The crocodile seems like a mouse to me,
The flood as land to my feet.
It is her love that gives me strength,
It makes a water-spell for me;
I gaze at my heart's desire,
As she stands facing me!
My sister has come, my heart exults,
My arms spread out to embrace her;
My heart bounds in its place,
Like the red fish in its pond.
O night, be mine forever,
Now that my queen has come!

~ from love poems found inscribed on The Cairo Vase,
a vase from the New Kingdom Period excavated at Deir el-Medina

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Day After Portrait Session

Yosemite, California
Kim knew she wanted some photos in Yosemite National Park, but there was no time between the ceremony and reception. She thought about taking photos before hand, but was concerned about getting her dress dirty. The Day After portrait session was the perfect solution!

The pears were an accent throughout the wedding - so we brought them along.

Kim wanted some photos of their rings, so I thought we could try a few different angles.

This is my favorite ring shot - I especially love the left side of the veil that caught the wind just right. The rings represent their marriage and the pears symbolize the newlywed's last name.

One of the reasons I love these sessions is that no one is rushed. This gives me the chance to try new things. I really loved the light in the park and used available light in a few different ways.

We made our way to the Chapel for more photos.

I wanted to this photo to look like an old daguerreotype so I used a new lens for this effect and then toned the image in sepia. Kim's veil really gives the photo a vintage feel. That and their pose. If you look at the photo above this it almost doesn't look like the same couple!

I love getting muddy if it means photos like these!

I couldn't resist this shot - Anyone know where the inspiration came from?

Many thanks to Kim and Ryan! Michael and I had an awesome time at your wedding and we loved the photo time with you afterwards. Special thanks to Ryan for this shoot. Kim told me he doesn't like posing for photos - but he sure is a natural isn't he?

And they lived Happily Ever After!

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