Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun With Trains

Poway, California
I took a trip to Old Poway Park for some fun family portraits. If these faces look familiar, it's probably because I took their family portraits last year.

San Diego family portraits photographer

This family started with Liz and Joel, the very first wedding I photographed. I knew Liz in college, where I was studying photojournalism. Their first kiss lasted less than a millisecond but they've been making up for it ever since. (With their permission I'll try to get a scan of that photo to post for you.)

Los Angeles family portrait photographer

Their first addition to the family was Eddie, who is a natural in front of the camera.

Then came Jolie, a super cute baby sister for Eddie.

We started out taking some photos around the railroad tracks. Jolie is a happy camper.

Eddie jumps from rock to rock with his dad.

Dad offers a helping hand.

We found a cool doorway for a picture of the whole family.

Then we walked over to the old trains...

... for more family photos.

Couldn't resist a funny photo in front of the condemned sign.

I wonder if the sign was for Jolie's stinky diaper?

Thank you Liz, Joel, Eddie and Jolie for a fun afternoon!

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