Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Little Fishing Village

Sausalito, California
My favorite cookies used to be Sausalito by Pepperidge Farms. Now I just look at one cookie and go up a dress size. Our calorie-free indulgence for the day was a quick trip across the Bay to Sausalito.

The streets were overflowing with tourists and lacking in parking. Even the seagull parking was full.

We made another quick stop at the Gates Cooperative house boat community.

The old bohemian neighborhood is characterized by its bright houses, many decorated with artwork from calaveras to what looked like nursery rhyme characters.

What all the houses had in common was that they were wearing down.

This boat and smokestack reminds me of Popeye.

I didn't want to intrude for too long. The residents seem tired of tourists coming by - and I don't blame them. It was time to get out of Dodge. But not before I took a photo of the coolest muscle car. Time to drive back.

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