Friday, November 30, 2007

Cake Charms!!!

Congrats to Kim who wins the cake charms and a wedding planner! Kim and Ryan will be getting married in Yosemite this June and we had a quick engagement shoot with them and their cute puppy a few months ago. She won the charms by being the first person to email me about the cake charm tradition.

So, what are cake charms?

During Victorian times, small charms were baked into the bride's wedding cake. During the reception, each bridesmaid pulls a ribbon with the charm revealing her fortune. You can keep the tradition alive by placing these charms between the layers of the wedding cake, letting the ribbons drape along the sides. Some brides choose not to have a traditional bouquet toss doing this instead. Cake charms are very popular in the South but the tradition has been showing up in weddings all over. The traditional charms include keys, wedding bells, hearts, clovers and baby carriages but you can also get all sort of different ones like magic lamps, dollar trees, rocking chairs and anchors.


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